Sep. 1965 Established as JAPAN MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT Co.,Ltd.(K.K.Nihon Nouritsu Consultant)
Feb. 1968 Opened data entry center
Apr. 1972 Began outsourced computation service
Jul. 1974 Began kanji data processing service, utilizing the association method
Aug. 1975 Developed and began sales of national-scale address master database "ADDRESS"
Jul. 1981 Began software development service
Nov. 1990 Formed capital tie-up with APLUS Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1991 Changed corporate name to AGREX Inc.
Mar. 1998 Developed CTI system and began call center services
Feb. 2002 Received Privacy Mark certification
Feb. 2002 TIS Inc. acquired a majority stake in AGREX Inc.
Apr. 2002 Shares listed JASDAQ
Sep. 2002 Entered into CRO(Contract Research Organization, for outsourced medical supply development) business
Mar. 2004 Shares listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Nov. 2004 Received certification for ISMS(Information Security Management System), with certification across the whole company by January 2008
Sep. 2006 Shares listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Mar. 2007 Received ISO20000 certification for insurance agency system help desk service
Apr. 2007 Merged OPEN TECHNO Co.,Ltd. with FINESE Co.,Ltd. to be renamed AGREX FINE TECHNO Inc.
Mar. 2008 Acquired all stock of Registration Network,Limited(Touroku Kanri Network K.K.)
Jun. 2008 Head office relocated to the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building (2-6-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
Oct. 2008 Following a realignment of the consolidated group, IT Holdings Corporation acquired a majority stake in AGREX INC.
May. 2010 Established AC MEDICAL INC.
Jan. 2011 Reorganized the CRO business, split off a AGREX's CRO Division into AC MEDICAL INC.
Jun. 2014 Changed the company logo
Mar. 2015 IT Holdings Corporation acquired 100% stake in AGREX INC.
May. 2015 Acquired all stock of KOUSHIN INC.
Jun. 2015 Acquired all stock of MicroMates Corp.
Jul. 2015 Established AGREX (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2016 The merger of UPSHE Co., Ltd. by the surviving company, AC MEDICAL INC.
Jul. 2016 Acquired stock of INTEC SYSTEMS BANGKOK CO., LTD. and changed the corporate name to I-AGREX (Thailand)CO., LTD.
Jul. 2016 Changed the group brand to TIS INTEC Group by IT Holdings Group reorganization
Jan. 2017 F-AGREX GLOBAL COMPANY LIMITED changed the corporate name to AGREX (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2017 The merger of Medical TOUKEI Corporation by the surviving company, AC MEDICAL INC.
Mar. 2018 Head office relocated to the Tokyo Opera City Building (3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
Apr. 2018 The merger of Agrex Fine Techno Inc. by the surviving company, TIS Solution Link Inc.
Apr. 2018 Opened a Business Solutions Center "Biz TRUXIA" in Tama-shi, Tokyo
Feb. 2019 Sold out 100% of AC MEDICAL INC.'s stock
Mar. 2019 Sold out 100% of KOUSHIN INC.'s stock