Total Support for business process transformation

Service Delivery Concept

In 1965, AGREX started out in the business of typing customer data in Kana for insurance policies for non-life insurance companies.
This was simply what was provided to the customer, and was none other than “customer data”.

Since that time, we have been using "customer data" to help optimize business processes and maximize the creation of added value, focusing on the front area, which serves as the point of contact with "the customers of our customers."
In order to deliver optimal solutions, we offer a total, one-stop solution from analysis to strategy formulation, process and business construction, to use and operation for each customer that combines consulting, IT, BPO, and a wide variety of other options.

One of our core strengths is our ability to deliver an immediate response to customer requirements with an extensive range of resources, with a firm focus on BPO.
We build partnerships from a variety of phases and perspectives based on customers’ circumstances and the challenges they face, and provide continuous support with their growth and innovation. That is the value which AGREX offers.


The key to business process transformation
lies in thorough visualization!
Visualization and data analysis
of As-Is operations
  • Our business is highly individualistic, and has turned into a black box.
  • We have manuals, but they do not cover the human judgment process.
  • We have accumulated data, but don't know how to utilize it.
  • We don’t maintain our data, making it unusable due to data duplication, etc.

AGREX’s knowledge of business practices gained through many years of BPO experience has given us the tools that allow us to conduct analysis after thoroughly visualizing As-Is operations up to the individualistic judgment work process that is not to be found in manuals.

Moreover, data correctness is the key to improving data analysis accuracy.
We carry out name-based aggregation and normalization as a precursor to data analysis to allow customer data to be used as an information asset.

Our main Services


Identifying customers’ future direction
by drawing an effective To-Be operations process!
Consulting and strategy formulation
  • We understand the general and idealistic theories, but they don’t fit our company.
  • We know where we want to be, but don’t know how to get there.
  • We have trouble obtaining internal approval because cost effectiveness is unclear.

We use the results of ANALYSIS to draw a strategy-based To-Be operations process based on our customers’ requirements and circumstances, examine how to achieve their objectives, and calculate cost effectiveness.

AGREX employs BPO and systems, as well as our knowledge of business practices, allowing us to design highly-effective strategies and a To-Be operations process that do not end up as mere words on paper or idealistic theories.
In addition to simply developing strategy, we also provide ongoing support with implementation and operations, including system construction, tool adoption, operational support, and office operations.

Our main Services


Consistent support for system life cycle
through precise
response capabilities and technical strengths!
System construction and use, tool adoption
  • We want to entrust all work from development to tool adoption and maintenance work.
  • We want to be able to entrust our work to a company with an established track record with peace of mind.
  • We lack the staff with necessary knowledge, and have no idea what systems or tools are suitable.

AGREX covers a wide range of areas, from development from scratch, to development using business platforms such as Salesforce® and intra-mart®, website construction, and help with tool adoption.
Our extensive portfolio of over 130 products gives us the ability to deliver proposals tailored to customer needs.
We also provide support with post-construction maintenance work, and help with continuous business improvement by coordinating with customers and coming up with proposals for issues they face during operation and for points of improvement.

Our main Services


As a BPO pioneer, we are able to respond
to customers’ needs with an extensive suite of services!
High-quality business operations
  • We want to focus the manpower we allocate to business operations on our core operations.
  • It takes time and effort to train operators.
  • We feel that we have issues on the quality side.
  • We want to ensure business continuity even in times of emergency.

AGREX provides efficient, high-quality services through personnel with extensive industry and operational experience and know-how, as well as by leveraging our unique operating systems and state-of-the-art facilities.
With a suite of functions necessary for business operations, including entry, office work, contacts, printing, and processing, AGREX is the domestic leader in terms of both functionality and scale.
In addition to having multiple centers in Japan, we also have an offshore subsidiary in Vietnam, enabling us to implement BCP measures by diversifying our operations within the scope of our contracts with customers.

Our main Services

Turning best practices into services based on our track record and know-how in helping customers transform their processes with tailor-made models!

Evolution BPO

“Evolution BPO” is a new BPO concept that AGREX is targeting based on the concepts of "full digital," "location-free," and "continuous evolution" in response to recent changes in the business environment.

We offer "optimized processes and functions" as a solution to meet customers’ requirements and circumstances.
AGREX achieves DX for traditional complex “human operations” through digital conversion and the use of digital technology.