Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Support the improvement and the revolution of clients' business process, providing our diversified outsourcing services to meet our clients' needs

  • Address Data Cleaning Service
  • Data Cleansing / Name Disambiguation Service
  • Hosting / Housing Service
  • Data Entry Service
  • Back-office Service
  • Document Management Service
  • Image Filing Service
  • Printing / Mailing Service
  • Call Center Service
  • Help Desk Service
  • On-site BPO Service
  • 'Account transfer request document' Processing Service
  • Customer Information Maintenance Service
  • Billing and Collecting Data Processing Service
  • Digital Curation Service
  • Omni Chanel Service
  • FAQ Page Management Service
  • Campaign Management Service

Software Solution (SS)

Offer packaged software that provides effective solution for our client.

CRM / SFA Solutions
  • Trillium Software System® : Data cleansing / name disambiguation tool
  • TS-Discovery:Data profiling tool
  • AP series:Data normalizing / address numbering and cleansing system.
  • Quick-Web : Internet customer registration subsystem.
  • Quick-CTI : CTI system registration subsystem.
  • DOLPHIN -NOVA 21 : Automatic search system for telephone numbers.
  • QlikView:Guided analytics tool
  • Qlik sense:Self-service analytics tool
  • Salesforce:CRM solution system
  • VextVoiceMiner:Voice data mining tool for call center
  • EC Direct:Shopping site tool
Bussiness Contents Solutions
  • ADDRESS : Address master file.
  • ADO Series:ADDRESS-optional-service
  • N-BANC II : Financial institutions code master file.
  • SCHOOL : Schools master file.
HR / Payroll Solutions
  • Dr.JINJI Expert : Human resource system
  • Dr.KYUYO Expert : Payroll system
System Solutions
  • Institutional Repository:Archive system for institution's scholarly papers
  • Agility:PIM(Product Information Management) tool
  • ASTERIA : EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) tool
Security Solutions
  • Security System Hiding Personal Information:System of creating test data hiding personal information
  • P-Pointer:Security tool detecting personal information
  • MaLion:Information security management sysytem

System Integration (SI)

Construct order-made systems for our clients.

  • System Consulting
  • System Development
  • AS400, Large-size General Purpose Machines & Client-server
  • Infrastructure Construction
  • Systems Outsourcing
  • Systems Maintenance, Operation, Administration Service
  • Hardware Replacement, Software Installation, Migration
  • System Operation Support Service
  • Technical Helpdesk
  • Database Diagnostic Tuning
  • Network Diagnostic Tuning

*Trillium Software System® is a registered trademark of Trillium Software.
*All of other brand names and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Business Strengths

Wealth of Operations Expertise

Working together with our customers to solve their management issues, AGREX has developed a wealth of operation-specific expertise in fields like insurance, credit cards, and consumer finance, as well as expertise in areas such as data management, operations management, and computerization of operations. Using our operation-specific expertise, we build optimal business processes and provide high-quality services.

Flexible Service Structure

We have networked all of our state-of-the-art BPO Centers, which are all equipped with the most advanced security management systems, and taken other measures to make sure we could provide secure and flexible services that can process enormous operational tasks.

Competitive Packaged Software

In our BPO and SI operations, we apply numerous CRM tools (AP-Series, TRILLIUM, etc.) that result in greater data accuracy and help us to provide high-value-added services.

One-Stop Services

Integrating our BPO, SS, and SI operations, we provide one-stop support for everything from business process design to system design, construction and operation, user training and help desk operation, operation management.

Solid Customer Base

By continuously responding in detail to customer needs, AGREX has built a solid customer base exemplified by an insurance company we have been serving ever since our founding over 40 years ago, as well as leading credit card, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical companies.